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POLAR responds to COVID-19 crisis

The POLAR tool is assisting general practices and PHNs to coordinate emergency responses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We do this by working closely with our PHN partners to produce real-time dashboards which include geospatial information on where COVD-19 pathology tests are being carried out by either practice or postcode. Pathology information is complemented by SNOMED coding for individual COVID-19 diagnosis. De-identified (privacy-protecting) patient level data is grouped by demographics, chronic disease profiles, co-morbidities and medications.

This real-time ensemble data view allows PHNs to carry out informed emergency responses by identifying or establishing COVID-19 respiratory clinics in areas of most need.

Our work over the last four years has enabled us to rapidly create and adapt data-driven solutions to assist our community during this unprecedented public health emergency. A practice version of the report will be released shortly.

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