Get prepped to beat Hep
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Get prepped to beat Hep

Hepatitis is the most prevalent blood born virus in Australia, and a leading cause of primary liver cancer. In 2016 an estimated 240,000 Australians were living with chronic hepatitis, 38% of whom were unaware of their status.


CESPHN identified that of the 22,500 people living with chronic Hepatitis B, only 10.2% of patients were receiving treatment.


To improve outcomes, CESPHN engaged POLAR to create an intuitive and actionable Hepatitis B report. Based on the ASHM model, the report presents a comprehensive picture of Hepatitis B journey from vaccination, screening, diagnosis and management.


The POLAR Hepatitis B report was presented at the 2019 Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination conference. For more information on the project, see our conference poster here. Building on this collaboration, POLAR is currently developing a new Hepatitis C and liver cancer report.


For more information on accessing the Hepatitis B report, contact your PHN.

With special thanks to Dr. David Baker for his contribution to this important piece of work.

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