Get your focus on patients most at risk
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Get your focus on patients most at risk

The HARP program (well known across Victoria as the ‘Hospital Admission Risk Program’) uses a series of measures to calculate a patient’s risk of presentation to hospital.  POLAR took this information and created the POLAR HARP tool.  The tool captures a series of key patient metrics to calculate a risk score.


When looking at the range of clinical and social factors that can influence a patient, there is no one single measure that can predict hospitilisation risk.  It is the combination of factors that is really important.  If someone has chronic disease but good support at home, they are less likely to present to hospital than someone who has no support.  All relevant factors need to be taken into account.


Patients can be grouped into their risk urgency rating, from Low to Urgent to help practices focus on their most at risk cohort.  The elements that make up an individual patient’s score can then be reviewed and if possible action can be taken to reduce that patients risk.


The HARP tool is being further enhanced to allow for MBS calculation and eligibility.


For more information on available risk tools in POLAR, see or contact your PHN.

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