The POLAR platform helps you chart a better course for your practice with critical practice intelligence tools for GPs and practice managers.

POLAR supports General Practices with the tools to visualise and analyse patient data, enabling smart, insight-driven decision making for your patients and your practice. Best of all it lives in the cloud, takes minutes to install and updates automatically, leaving your time free to spend on what’s really important.

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Save costs and time

Our user-friendly, web-based software works through the browser, takes little time to install and is automatically updated with the most recent features. Easily implement POLAR across every PC in your practice in minutes with a single installation.

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Talk the same language

POLAR maps your uncoded free text and your coded diagnoses into SNOMED terminology and chronic disease groups, meaning less time hunting for your patient groups.

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Your data is safe, secure and private

Feel protected, knowing your data is private, with only de-identified data being stored outside your practice or shared with your PHN. All patient data is stored in our national database and securely hosted on local, fault-tolerant servers, which undergo regular enterprise level security audits.

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Contribute to better healthcare for everyone

Your clean and de-identified patient data can be aggregated with data from practices across you region by your PHN. Analysis of this data allows your PHN to make better informed funding and program decisions to support critical population health priorities.

“The ability for practices to audit their data and identify their personal areas for improvement is integral. POLAR stands above the rest to help ensure continuous quality improvement and improve patient outcomes.”

Digital Health and QI Team LeaderCentral Eastern Sydney PHN


Our healthcare system is complex. POLAR sets out to systemise the benefits of big data, enhancing evidence-based decisions that can affect individuals through to broad population groups.

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